Pulverised fuel fired boilers with steam drum

Renovations and constructions of boilers settings in pulverized hard coal fired boilers, pulverised fuel fired boilers with steam drum types: OP-70 , OP-140, OP-230, OP-380, OP-430, OP-650

Coal, stoker fired boilers

Construction and renovations of stoker fired boilers settings, both water boilers type: WR-1,25, WR-2,5, WR-5, WR-8, WR-10, WR-25 as well as steam boilers type:OR-5, OR-10, OR-16, OR-32, OR-50, OR-64 Coal, stoker fired boilers

Motto of the company

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Dan-Bud company cooperates with suppliers of refractory products. These materials are used in our company for many years, they are tested, have certificates and the manufacturer’s warranty. Due to long-term cooperation with suppliers of refractory products Dan-Bud company offers competitive prices !!!

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Our company performs works throughout the country as well as abroad


All works are performed quickly and professionally; we provide a warranty!!!


The Company

The company DAN-BUD – “The Chimneys and Steam Boilers Setting Construction” has been run by me since 2006. I graduated from Szczecin University of Technology, faculty of Civil Engineering and Architecture. Theoretical knowledge acquired at the university as well as experience and qualifications achieved in five years of work at my father’s company with an identical profile of services, enabled me to take over the company and professional management of the plant for more than six years. Works in the field of construction and renovation of heating and energy boilers settings, various types of furnaces boilers settings and construction of factory chimneys are performed based on professionalism and high qualifications of employees with many years of experience as well as using a good quality specialist equipment. Abovementioned guarantees qualitative and timely performance of ordered works.

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Start cooperation with our company! All works are performed quickly, professionally and what is more, we provide a warranty!!! Some examples of our works can be seen in the gallery. Please feel free to send inquiries using the contact form. Each inquiry is responded quickly and in professional manner.