Pulverised fuel fired boilers with steam drum

Renovations and constructions of boilers settings in pulverized hard coal fired boilers, pulverised fuel fired boilers with steam drum types: OP-70 , OP-140, OP-230, OP-380, OP-430, OP-650

Coal, stoker fired boilers

Construction and renovations of stoker fired boilers settings, both water boilers type: WR-1,25, WR-2,5, WR-5, WR-8, WR-10, WR-25 as well as steam boilers type:OR-5, OR-10, OR-16, OR-32, OR-50, OR-64 Coal, stoker fired boilers

Motto of the company

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Dan-Bud company cooperates with suppliers of refractory products. These materials are used in our company for many years, they are tested, have certificates and the manufacturer’s warranty. Due to long-term cooperation with suppliers of refractory products Dan-Bud company offers competitive prices !!!

Area of activity

Our company performs works throughout the country as well as abroad


All works are performed quickly and professionally; we provide a warranty!!!



DAN-BUD – The Chimneys and Steam Boilers Setting Construction recommends their services in the field of brickworks, repairs and construction of steam and water boilers setting of all types, including:

  • brickworks, repairs and construction of monolithic ignition vaults and prefabricated fittings as well as with conventional and low cement concrete
  • brickworks, repairs and construction of dust, slag from chamotte straight connections funnels as well as conventional and low cement concretes
  • brickwork, repairs and the construction of walls of chamotte straight connections and fittings
  • repairs and construction of low-emission burners and nozzles of pulverised fuel fired boilers with steam drum OP type
  • brickworks, repairs and construction of baking furnaces
  • brickworks, repairs and construction of flues
  • brickworks, repairs and construction of drying ovens and Dutch ovens
  • performance of foundations for chimneys
  • construction of new factory chimneys of chimney brick
  • installation of equipment and obstacle lights platforms on chimneys
  • repairs of chimneys, chimney equipment maintenance
  • installation of lightning protection systems on chimneys
  • painting the outer surface of chimneys
  • technical consulting in the field of refractory and insulating materials
  • supervision at start-up, and drying of boilers settings
  • additionally, the company performs all construction works

All of the above works are performed quickly, reliably and we provide a warranty!

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Start cooperation with our company! All works are performed quickly, professionally and what is more, we provide a warranty!!! Some examples of our works can be seen in the gallery. Please feel free to send inquiries using the contact form. Each inquiry is responded quickly and in professional manner.